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Lead generation marketing is growing immensely, there are some seasonal projects and there are projects running all around year. Auto Insurance Industry, Med Supplement Industry, Health Insurance Industry and more, have been relaying on lead generation through telemarketing. And lead funnels or lead buyers tree have been growing every year. Lead generation is a very important part of BPO industry and we are glade to say we at Sales Solutions Hub understands the market needs and help our clients in generating leads for their market.

Lead Generation Projects Worked On.

Lead Verification

We have a system which we follow at SSH specially for lead generation projects. Once the lead is being generated its essential for the team to verify their information if the prospect is conveying the correct information or not, we do a thorough check by using different website and specially google before submitting the information. This helps the team to always submit 100% accurate information every time.

Lead Qualification

Once team submits the information we at SSH do an internal quality check by transfer the lead to our internal quality department before submitting to our client. As we are aware of the TCPA rules and we don’t want our clients to get sued due to our negligence, we always check if that following prospect is on Do Not Call list if they are we internally disqualify the prospect if they are not and we understand the prospect is interested we then forward them to our clients.

Lead Conversion

Sometimes our clients ask us to convert the lead which we have generated so the entire process stays in house and as we say “1 company, 1 solution” we help those leads and turning them into sales. We at SSH offer our clients a complete solution from generating the lead, to verifying it also making sure it qualifies by passing TCPA rules and then converting it into a sale as per as our clients demands.

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