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Outbound is a $3 Billion market still, every year business are diverting to new platforms such as social media or google calls. But the fact remains Outbound is still the most effective way to do sales, and we at Sales Solutions Hub have mastered the art. If you are looking for a seasoned team and want to boost your sales, just reach out to us and we can help you manage your sales department and let us achieve the your targets.

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Doing Telemarketing is not an easy task, most businesses fail before they even start because they fail to understand that there are different tools involved in doing telemarketing. Do we have the correct data? are we targeting the correct niche? after finding the right prospect how do we determine the lead is a quality lead? and then convert it into a sale or appointment or just generate a lead. We at Sales Solutions Hub have the right tools and the right people who know how to use them. That is why we are one of the fasting growing company in the business.

Appointment Setting.

At SSH we cater appointment setting market as well, the longest project we have been working on generating appointments for Solar. We have excellent team who is versed in converting leads into appointments. We have generated appointments for different markets such as : Home Security, Home Warranty, Duct Cleaning and others. If you are looking for a team to generate appointments for your business no need to look any further contact us today.


Sales Solutions Hub has a great background in working on sales campaigns. SSH’s management has worked and executed 10+ projects successfully in their career, this is why we have a great team to deploy any sales project. Some of the projects which our team has worked on are Home Security, Pain Cream, Energy Deregulation, DME, Cardio, CGX, CGM, Bell Canada, and more.


Conducting surveys is very common now days as its best way to generate data and currently correct data is worth much more than gold. At SSH we have a separate department for conducting surveys as we have been catering marketing locally and internationally.

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It’s a no-brainer, why our clients always want to come back and work with us, It is due to our policies and company’s infrastructure.